Cast Alloy Guide Rollers, Guide ring/wheels

Casting Process: Shell mold precision casting Machining Process: CNC machining center Material: Cr, Mo, V, W, Cu

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Guide roller is the main consumption tool of high-speed wire rod mill, which requires high wear resistance, steel sticking resistance and thermal fatigue resistance. Ordinary austenitic heat-resistant steel, martensite wear-resistant steel or wear-resistant cast iron guide roller can not meet the above requirements. Their service life are short, which reduces the operation rate of the mill.Cemented carbide guide roller has good wear resistance and high temperature stability, good use effect, but high production cost. High carbon and high molybdenum high speed steel has the characteristics of high hardness, red hardness and good wear resistance. But the cast high speed steel is brittle. It is modified by RE-Mg-Ti compound. The results show that the morphology and distribution of eutectic carbides can be changed, so that can increase the impact toughness of cast high speed steel by 86.2%. The thermal fatigue resistance and wear resistance were also improved. The service life of the modified high speed steel guide roller is 3 times longer than that of the high Ni Cr alloy cast steel guide roller, which is close to that of the cemented carbide guide roller.XTJ offers highest quality CNC Machining services for a wide variety of automotives, space, industrial, telecommunications, aerospace, electronics and customary applications. Our quality suppliers can handle CNC Machining processes like – Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Boring, EDM etc. We offer latest CNC equipments with large varieties of different machine sizes which cover almost any shape and sizes of the jobs. Our cast alloy roll rings and composite rolls are supplied to the steel industry for rolling high speed wire steel, rod/bar steel, rebar steel, seamless tube steel, angle steel, flat strip steel. And they are widely used in hot rolling and cold rolling.There are two advantages to using cast alloy guide rollers: The first is to reduce the production cost of the guide. The second is to extend the service life of the guide, greatly improve the production efficiency of high-speed rolling and increase the output. The guide roll made of high-speed rolling special high wear-resistant guide roll material can reduce the production cost of the guide products, and also has great social benefits. What we usually use is a new alloy material which has A large amount of W, Mo, Cr, V and other alloy elements. Rollers of this material have high room temperature hardness, high temperature wear resistance and excellent red hardness. This solves the problems of serious wear, crack and fracture failure of guide roller in service, and meets the comprehensive requirements of hardness and toughness and the needs of full load production.

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